Eerie elevators updated

Kaitlin R. Greenockle, Outgoing Editor-In-Chief

Up-to-date elevator inspection certificates are now available in the Physical Plant office.

Physical Plant Operations Coordinator Jacqueline Ivock said they received the certifications March 14.

Elevator certifications are issued by the state to Pitt-Oakland and then sent to Pitt-Johnstown’s Physical Plant office, according to Ivock.

The delay in receiving the certificates was from state officials, Ivock said.

The current certificates are dated from Feb. 29 and are to expire Sept. 20.

She said that employees of the Windber-based company, Eastern Elevator, are the ones who make monthly inspections.

“The man that comes to check our elevators is often interrupted to go check other locations, and then he has to come back,” Ivock said.

According to Ivock, his job is not to fix the elevators, but to perform monthly maintenance checks.

She said the original certificates are to be kept in the Physical Plant office with copies placed in the elevators because elevator passengers sometimes steal them.

Sophomore Luke Whiteman, who expressed concerns about the Living/Learning Center’s elevators in a Feb. 24 article, said there has been an overall improvement to the elevators.

“It seems like the doors are working properly now, and they do seem to be running smoothly, but occasionally they do still shake,” Whiteman said.

Junior Living/Learning Center resident Alex Scanga said that he lives on the first floor, and if he needs to get to a higher floor, he would rather take the stairs.

When Scanga was informed about the certificates being in and up to date he said, “I feel better about them, but I still won’t use them just because I don’t need to.”