Letter to the Editor: More senators are needed

In response to The Advocate’s recent article entitled “Political Interest Diminishing,” I write to encourage – implore – students to join UPJ’s under-empaneled Student Government Association.

I imagine that many of those who are already a part of that organization may well have signed up because they suspect it looks good on a résumé. It undoubtedly does.

It indicates that the student cares about the welfare of her or his fellow students and about the campus community, as was recently exemplified when Student Government voiced concerns regarding University Scholarship, concerns that were subsequently mulled over for months by university faculty and administrators, ultimately leading to the program’s indefinite suspension.

It indicates that the student is not afraid to occasionally speak truth to power, as was exemplified when Student Government raised the issue regarding the implementation of surveillance cameras in campus residential areas. In response, those cameras were deactivated.

It indicates that the student is willing to discuss potentially controversial issues with other intelligent and passionate people who bring a variety of perspectives – sometimes conflicting ones – to the conversation, which I suspect may have been the case in discussions of the aforementioned issues. It thus also indicates a willingness and ability to work with people regardless of their ideological beliefs and worldviews.

In short, it indicates that the student is an intelligent, empathic, and responsible citizen. A good person.

It thus saddens me to know that some Student Government members are leaving the Association and that there are not enough candidates for membership to even necessitate an election. What a shame.

Jeremy C. Justus,

English Professor

Humanities Division