Sodexo short-staffed

Sodexo employee Helen Ferra placing desserts in the Varsity Cafeteria

Asha Njeri

Sodexo employee Helen Ferra placing desserts in the Varsity Cafeteria

Temperance Moore, Staff Writer

l Manager Kevin Dicey, Sodexo was slow in hiring student workers this year.

“We have a few open positions that we’ve been having a hard time recruiting for,” Dicey said.

“We depend on 20 percent of our labor force to come from the student population,” Dicey said.

Dicey said this year, the students weren’t in a hurry to start working.

According to Dicey, Sodexo hasn’t cut any workers.

Pitt-Johnstown student and Sodexo employee Courtney Hull said the staff shortage is taking a toll on those working there.

“When you want to take a day off, but you really can’t take that day off because you don’t have any reliable people to cover your shift.” Hull said.

Dicey said Sodexo is not short staffed. “We’re just tight because we don’t have any room to breathe,” Dicey said.

According to Dicey, Sodexo has not cut any services like the dining hall or the Tuck Shop because of tight staff.

“The last thing we’re going to do is lower our standards for customer service in providing good quality service,” Dicey said.

According to Pitt-Johnstown student and Sodexo employee, Jesse Phillips, Sodexo added another staff member to work at the Mountain Cat Club from 8-11p.m. on a busy shift.

“It’s less pressure on the main staff,” Phillips said.

According to Dicey, the supervisors and managers are all jumping in to do whatever needs to be done.

“It’s tight, but we do the best we can,” Dicey said.