Senators discuss cameras

Kaitlin R. Greenockle, News Editor

Student Affairs Vice President Shawn Brooks and one of three student senators said they met two times in two weeks to discuss campus security cameras.

Brooks said student comments on the cameras were mixed.

The students were comfortable with the idea of having cameras on campus, but they were nervous the cameras would be used to get people in trouble, according to Brooks.

He said the students were ok with the cameras being in parking lots and facing academic buildings where expensive equipment is stored.

The cameras being in residential areas are what made the students most uncomfortable.

They said there are not enough issues happening in those areas, according to Brooks.

Brooks said it came down to a general issue of privacy.

“I want to remind students that we don’t live in a bubble where crime doesn’t happen, and we all need to be aware of our surroundings,” said Brooks.

Senator Matt Christina said the main concern students had was that the cameras would be used to catch them in acts that go against the conduct code and not just to review after an incident.

“We want them (cameras) used for review not for prosecution,” said Wainwright.

Senator Jeffery Wainwright said students would like to see them in parking lots.

The student security camera committee member’s ideas have been sent to President Jem Spectar to be looked over, but a final verdict on cameras are not finalized yet, according to Brooks.