Mr. UPJ contest unsure this year

Temperance Moore, Contributing Writer

For 20 years, Mr. UPJ has been one of the more noteworthy events. It has been a contest for Pitt-Johnstown men including talent, formal wear and dance competition.

Alpha Gamma Delta sorority members have organized Mr. UPJ as part of the sorority’s charity fundraising, but university officials have suspended the sorority for two years.

“It was a fun way for everyone to be involved together,” Student Government President and former sorority member Shelby Smith said.

According to last year’s philanthropy coordinator Amanda Mudgett, the pageant was axed by default when university officials suspended the sorority.

“I think it was such a great event, and it’s upsetting that the campus would cancel an event that put in a lot of philanthropy hours,” Mudgett said.

Mudgett took part in putting last year’s event together. She said not only was it fun for the Alpha Gamma Delta sisters to put together, it was also fun for the contestants to take part in.

Former contestant Cameron Kohler said,  “I enjoyed coming up with ideas for the competition, it was a lot of fun,”

“I would definitely do it again, and I’m actually a little upset that it may not happen again.”

University officials have been discussing the idea of having Dance Ensemble members run the event, according to Student Affairs Vice President Shawn Brooks.

Smith said that she would love for the pageant to come back as long as it stays on campus for everyone to see.

Mudgett said that they think the event would be great regardless of who puts it on.

“I’m really proud of everyone in Dance Ensemble and Alpha Gamma Delta for putting in the effort to make this (Mr. UPJ) work,” said Mudgett.