Party shutdowns are not as frequent as perceived

Kaitlin R. Greenockle, News Editor

Some students say that it appears that parties on campus have been getting shut down more frequently than in past years.

But Student Affairs Vice President Shawn Brooks says the number of party shut downs is down, according to his information.

Sept. 11, a party at Delta Chi in Larkspur Lodge was shut down, according to senior R.J. Marino and sophomore Salena Henderson. Both students said they attended the party.

Marino and Henderson said they arrived at the party at about 11 p.m. Within 15 minutes, police shut down the party, according to Marino.

“Apparently, there was a fight upstairs … I didn’t see the fight, that’s what I heard anyway,” Henderson said.

Many people left once the police officers came, according to Marino.

“It was really rowdy (when) getting into the party. The line went from the door to the gazebo,” Marino said.

“I was surprised that no cops were there at that point, telling people to go home.”

Student Affairs Vice President Shawn Brooks said he would have known if this party was shut down because it would have been in a duty report, which it was not.

Brooks said all parties must be registered, and, if they are shut down, it’s because of underage drinking, fighting or too many people present.

“Unregistered parties can be broken up by resident assistants or campus police officers,” Brooks said.

“These types of parties are usually broken up due to pong tables being visible or too many people in a facility.”

As far as the rumor that more parties are being busted this year, that is not true, according to Brooks.

“Our alcohol violations and transports have been much lower this year compared to previous years,” said Brooks.