Delivery service tunes operation

Eden Cohen, Managing Editor

With spring weather approaching, Sodexo employees are anticipating an easier time delivering food.

Sodexo employee Victoria Kelly said employees could not deliver in temperatures below 10 degrees.

Even with an insulated bag, the food would get cold by the time she reached the farther buildings, she said.

Employees are not allowed to use the golf carts in ice or snow either, she said.

Sodexo general manager Victor Costlow said golf cart usage should not be a problem with improved weather. He said he expects more delivery orders, especially after the point conversion.

Kelly said that she had only one delivery order March 16, even though the weather was warmer. She said she suspects students do not want to walk outdoors when it is cold.

This suspicion is supported by the fact that most of her deliveries have been to the Living and Learning Center and first year halls far from the Student Union, she said.

Junior Mariah Dickert said she had wanted to order delivery, but that the menu did not interest her.

Dickert said if her preferred food options were added, she would be likely to use delivery.

Costlow said he was refining the delivery process. A meeting with Student Government Association’s Food Services committee gave him the idea to have deliverers call when employees leave for delivery so customers know when to meet them, he said.

He was expecting a plan for next winter’s delivery service, Costlow said, but it is still being worked on.