Housing renovations to be finished sooner

Housing renovations to be finished sooner

A Highland Townhouse heater in a yet-to-be renovated section has rust on broken radiator slots.

Kaitlin R. Greenockle, News Editor

In a Pitt-Johnstown strategic plan, housing renovations are listed to be finished in seven years, but President Jem Spectar has a new goal of finishing in three to five years.

Finance and Administration Vice President Amy Buxbaum said a College Park Apartments renovation is to be the largest project.

The apartments’ renovation plan is not finalized, but, as of now, renovations include new heating and air-conditioning units, balconies removal and new living room windows. Roof replacement, new carpet and kitchens also are part of the plan, according to Buxbaum.

Safety updates also are to be included in the renovations such as improving electrical issues, fire alarms and adding sprinklers, Buxbaum said.

Hawthorn Lodge is to have updated bathrooms this summer along with finishing up the renovation at Highland Townhouses, Buxbaum said.

“The townhouses’ renovations include new windows, drywall, carpet, paint, built in closets, ceiling tile, kitchen cabinets, counters, appliances and new bathrooms,” Buxbaum said.

Buckhorn and Sunset Lodges are in future renovation plans, according to Buxbaum.

Junior Joseph Walker said even if he had the option to live in the apartments, he wouldn’t because he likes living in the townhouses and not having to drive to campus for class.

Walker said he doesn’t live in a renovated townhouse, but would like to in the future.

“I would like a dishwasher and maybe a full bathroom downstairs,” Walker said.

A sophomore, Hawthorne Lodge resident, Kyla Colcombe said she would like to see showers and the buildings’ foundations renovated.

Due to the snow melting, Colcombe’s lodge flooded because of cracks in the foundation.

“I would like it to be done faster, but I think three to four years is a realistic goal, when I heard it was to take up to seven years in the past,” Colcombe said.