General classes to be evaluated

Nick Zinovenko, Staff Writer

In addition to classes necessary for one’s major, Pitt-Johnstown students must also take classes to fulfill general-education requirements.

Under the current system, courses in the Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences are taken to meet knowledge area requirements.

Also required are courses to fulfill writing, speaking and quantitative-reasoning competencies.

According to Academic Affairs Assistant Vice President Paul Newman, the current system is nearly a generation old.

“The General Educational Advisory Board members, along with the Academic Affairs Vice President, have drafted a proposal to revise the general-education requirements at Pitt-Johnstown,” Newman said.

The board is made up of faculty and administrators representing all six academic divisions.

Newman said that, in general, this proposal aims to make general-education easier for faculty and staff to follow, provide students more choices in major and minor exploration, and present the learning outcomes more clearly.

Once finalized, the proposal is to be sent to the faculty senate’s Educational Policies Committee.

After committee members review and comment, the proposal is to be presented at a faculty senate meeting.

Upon approval from faculty senators, the proposal would then be sent to Pitt-Johnstown President Jem Spectar for final approval.

“This is the beginning of a very long road and an exhaustive vetting process,” Newman said.