Printing budget slash leads to online copies

Printing budget slash leads to online copies

Humanities secretary Linda Coyle makes paper copies in 233 Biddle Hall.

Kaitlin Greenockle, News Editor

This past November, Humanities Division Chair Patty Derrick sent out an email to all Humanities faculty explaining that a division printing budget has been cut in half and faculty needed to cut down on the photocopying on university equipment.

The email instructed faculty to stop color printing and providing lengthy printed syllabi to begin classes, sending at least some syllabi material electronically rather than providing paper versions to students.

If faculty members want to use the division printer, they are now limited to making no more than 10 copies of one page.

The campus print shop and photocopying at stores are alternatives for faculty who need to make more copies than the allotted number.

Communications associate professor Kristen Majocha took this budget cut and turned it into a positive.

She said the cut changed how she delivered information to her students, mainly how she delivered her syllabi.

“(The cut) prompted me to go green and use CourseWeb,” Majocha said.   

She said she has been thinking of transferring her syllabus to CourseWeb and limiting her printing for a few semesters.

She said her students have asked her in the past whether her syllabus was on CourseWeb.

Majocha said that students are used to getting information electronically, and there hasn’t been a complaint from any of her students.

“It was a double bonus; I get to help out the division and the students,” Majocha said.

She said students now print out only information that they need to fit their learning style.

“I think more critically of things I should print,” Majocha said.

Senior Doyle Yernaux said he is happy that the printing budget cut has made his professors utilize CourseWeb for their syllabi.

“I find it easier because the syllabus for one of my classes was posted before the first day of class,” Yernaux said.

He said he liked how he was able to see what Ann Rea’s Survey of English Literature 2 class would entail.