Democrats try helping voters

Eden Cohen, Managing Editor

This Election Day, students have another option to get to polls.

College Democrats are driving students intending to vote to the nearest poll location: the Richland Township Municipal Building.

College Democrat president Elizabeth Shriver said she and club members wanted to help students vote.

“It’s something we thought of to help increase turnout of the youth vote,” she said. “We know many people do not have cars on campus.”

Shriver said she and former president Mark Stephens will be using their vehicals to drive students back and forth.

No other organizations– including College Republicans and UPJ Libertarians– are driving students, Shriver said.

Fliers, social media and a campuswide email are to advertise the service, Shriver said.

Sophomore Eric Malloy said he plans to vote, but in his hometown.

“I know there’s a place in my hometown I can vote,” he said.

Malloy said he would have planned to utilize the driving service if he wasn’t voting at home.

Senior Katelyn Svetahor said she didn’t registered to vote.

“I don’t pay attention to politics enough to vote,” she said.

It is unclear how many students will use the rides, but Shriver said club members hope Democrats, Republicans and Independents all feel welcome to participate.

“It doesn’t matter who you vote for as long as you vote,” she said.