Community bonds get enhanced with events

Peijia Zhang, Copy Editor

Pitt-Johnstown students have been participating in events that could build connections with Johnstown residents.

On Oct. 20, five members of the Student Government Association took part in a scarecrow-building contest in Central Park in Johnstown.

Sophomore Mike Capolupo and Nick Fedusa were scarecrow committee leaders.

Mechanical engineering major Capolupo said he took the time to do something beyond himself.

“We were initiated to do it because we wanted to represent UPJ in the best way possible and show that we were supportive of the community and our school.”

He said the entry fee was $25 and the result of the contest has not been finalized.

“If we did win a prize, then we would donate the money to a charity or an organization in need of money,” said Capolupo.

Student Life Director Sherri Rae said she told members of the association about the contest listed on a website for the Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership.

Students other than members are also trying to connect with the community.

Business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi members are to hold safe trick-or-treating Wednesday at the Galleria Mall, according to Junior Lex Winkelman.

Winkelman said at least 12 students will be present to help at the event.

Growing up 15 minutes away from campus, Winkelman said the members’ intention for the event is helpful because at least some local residents don’t feel safe letting their children go out trick-or-treating.

Winkelman said trick-or-treating now isn’t like it used to be. He said parents began restricting trick-or-treating after an abduction.

According to him, a little girl was abducted in the area during Halloween years ago. She was found dead at a cemetery.

Trick-or-treating was prohibited by parents in the aftermath of the incident.

“(It happened) when I was little, so they stopped having trick-or-treating like they used to where kids stayed out all night,” said Winkleman.

Fraternity members had done the event as a community service two years ago, so what is to come is the event’s continuation.