Clubs getting organized

Carley Bonk, Staff Writer

Pitt-Johnstown students have requested new clubs.

Economics Club and Jam Band have been recognized as new organizations. English Club is a prospective club, and Philosophy Club has become active.

Economics Club members say they hope to recreate what they had years ago.

Junior Katherine Rhodes, a club member, said they were bringing new life to the club.

“The club was originally founded in the ‘90s, and was active as recently as 2012. When I came to campus last fall semester, I was sad to hear that the club was inactive,” she said.

The start-up seemed to just fall into place, she said.

“I asked a couple people in my Economics classes if they would be interested in starting it back up.  Then I talked to (Professor George) Berger about it, and it just happened from there.”

Members have a few goals in mind for this year.

“The club is going to be both social and academic. Mostly our goal is to get students together who enjoy discussing economic issues,” Rhodes said.

Berger is the Economics Club adviser.

Students have also requested formulation of an English Club.

Freshman Shalay Sturdivant said she was surprised there wasn’t already an English Club in place.

“To my surprise, there were multiple English literature majors. I was under the impression that there were very few, but, once I realized there were so many of us, (I thought) we should start a club.”

Though they haven’t had any meetings yet, they are working on it,  she said.

“A meeting has not been planned. I am currently waiting to hear back from professor Rea about helping us book a location for the meetings.”

Philosophy Club’s adviser is Derek Leben. He said the club members plan to meet with other clubs from Penn Highlands Community College and the UPJ Libertarian Club to hold debates and discussions.

“The idea of the philosophy club is to give students the opportunity to continue debates and discussions from philosophy classes in a small and informal context outside the classroom,” said Leben.

Jam Band also is a newer organization that has been approved as an official club.

Josh Zaldonis is the freshman running the show as the group leader.

“The goal of the club is to unite anyone with an affinity for music, musicians especially, and get the musicians off the streets,” said Zaldonis.