Brief sessions are introduced

Brooke Boyer, Copy Editor

The 2015 summer schedule has a new option for students with six courses offered in three-week mini sessions.

Classes for the three-week sessions meet four times a week, 2 hours and 55 minutes for each class.

The first four courses being offered May 11- 29 are Public Speaking, United States History and Dante’s Divine Comedy. During this session, there is to be a Spanish for Healthcare Professionals course offered.

The second round of mini sessions is to take place June 22-July 10. It is to include a Public Speaking course as well as a Narrative Literature course.

Humanities Division Chair Patty Derrick said that the idea of the three week sessions have been discussed for a year.

“Paul Newman brought up the idea to the division chairs about a year ago,” she said.

She said she feels like these mini sessions will offer students more options for summer courses, and said she feels that this option might be attractive to students looking for an intensive academic experience.

Catherine Cox is teaching two of the classes being offered during the mini sessions, Dante’s Divine Comedy and Narrative Literature.

Cox says she is excited to teach these classes.

“I recall from my student days having taken summer courses in this format– I loved the intensity and focus, a kind of immersion experience.

“I’m so happy now that I can share that experience with my students and, from the other side of the podium, enjoy that kind of experience again myself,” she said.

Senior Sonya Richards said that she is excited about these new mini sessions being offered. She said she feels like it will give her time to enjoy her summer and not spend all of her time at school.

Derrick says that these minisessions are options for students who need to make up, retake or even get ahead in college.

Richards said in order to graduate early, she is participating in a five week session and is trying the new minisession to get ahead and graduate a semester early.

“Though the mini courses seem intense with a heavy weekly schedule, most students– including me– can endure anything for a brief time.  Also, longer summer sessions, seem to drag on.

“Exactly what one does not need during the summer time,” she said.

Richards said she feels like summer classes are a great way for students to spend a lot of time focused on one subject, as well as having a smaller class size and better communication and understanding of the content.

Cox said she is looking forward to the minisessions.

“I hope my students enjoy the courses and find them to be challenging and rewarding. And a big thank you to all those Pitt-Johnstown students willing to give our new minisession courses, in any subject area, a try,” she said.