Too few students run

Eden Cohen, News Editor

Voting students once again had limited choices at the polls while voting for Student Government Association senators.

Elections for next year’s student government were held online through the campus services portal from 10 a.m. April 9 to 10 a.m. April 11.

The election was to fill 27 upperclassmen senator positions in next year’s student government. A total of 26 students ran, with Jacob Wolff appearing on the ballot but dropping out of the race to make 25.

With fewer candidates than positions, every candidate was guaranteed to win a position.

“It’s impossible not to be elected,” former student government president Noam Berns said at a student government meeting.

Student government already had a guaranteed election for next year when there was only one candidate for president and vice president in their election.

As with the student government president election, the election was still held.

Campus Relations senator Mark Stephens said more students may not be running because they are disinterested or jaded.

“It can be from the lack of interest that students tend (to) have nowadays,” Stephens said. “They may have had a negative perception at how the past administration has handled things and became discouraged with (student government).”

Senator Santana Lardo decided to run for a position for the upcoming year.

“After being a senator this year, I really began to enjoy being involved in decisions that deal with the students and being a part of something like that,” she said.

Senator Megan Taylor also decided to run again.

“I enjoy being involved on campus,” she said. “As a member of (student government), I feel that I can truly make a difference for UPJ students.”

Berns said student government president Shelby Smith is to fill the remaining positions next year. An email is to be sent to students asking them to apply, then senators are to vote on who will fill the remaining senator positions.