Around 900 tickets sold for concert


Andy Hsiao Chung, Trevor Leard, Managing Editor, Copy Editor

Radiant lights of blue and red sifted through raised hands Friday as the crowd cheered for the event many in the community had long waited for – the annual Spring Concert.

This year, Programming Board officials sought to bring back the tradition after it had acquired last spring comedian B.J. Novak for a standup act instead of a concert.

For weeks, fliers with teases on who was to perform this year were placed ubiquitously around campus. The hype was up; “Everything you’ve asked for” was a slogan for this year’s event.

After a series of more printed teases and the eventual announcement in the cafeteria, it was revealed to be Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who would later be cancelled for reasons still undisclosed.

What followed then was a series of disapproving voices on social media, and Programming Board officials then found who they considered to be someone who stood on equal ground musically – Boston rapper Sammy Adams, whose performance created a buzz among those who had attended.

The line began to form shortly before 6 p.m. outside the Sports Center in anticipation of the performances.

Doors were to open at 6:30 p.m. but, due to travel issues, according Student Life Director Sherri Rae, doors were not opened until shortly after 7 p.m.

The performances were led off by Iamsu!, along with his hype-man and producer P-Lo.

He was preceded by Sage the Gemini, who performed a few of his own songs without the other members of the Heart Break Gang.

Iamsu! and the rest of the Heart Break Gang members then came back to finish the two artists’ sets with crowd favorites, “Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose.”

“They started the concert late and we only stayed for the first act, which wasn’t great.

“We were going to stay for the second, but it took too long for them to even set up and get going so we left,” Sophmore Brook Boyer said.

The second performance featured Mayday Parade who had fans moshing and even had a person who crowd surfed against university policy.

Shortly after 11 p.m., the smoke machine turned to full max as the lights underneath the DJ booth flashed and Sammy Adams emerged to a crowd that had been slightly depleted from the long night of waiting between sets and the delayed door opening.

The “I Hate College” rapper performed songs from his mixtapes, EPs and remixes he has done over other artist songs, including Taylor Swift’s “Trouble” and Pitbull’s “Timber.”

“Even after waiting so long for the show to start, I thought Sammy put on a great show. I really liked the lights, which gave it a really cool vibe,” Sophmore Nick Malaskovitz said.

Sammy Adams said he wanted to give the Sports Center the “rave” vibe, playing multiple songs off of Party Records and Into the Wild: The Pre-Album.

Finishing off the concert, Sammy Adams closed his set with an encore song, “Awesome.”

“Maybe the loudest I’ve ever heard, “Awesome,” sang tonight by a crowd. WOW,” Sammy Adams said via twitter (@SammyAdams) shortly after he left the stage.