Hip-hop artist is substituted

Trevor Leard, Copy Editor

Last Monday via Twitter, the Pitt-Johnstown Programming Board mem- bers announced that the opening act for the spring concert has been cancelled. “Due to unforeseen circumstances (Machine Gun Kelly) will no longer be headlining the spring con- cert,” Programming board members said via Twitter. Reasoning behind why the concert was cancelled is still unknown. Pitt- Johnstown Student Life Director Sherri Rea declined to comment on why the concert was cancelled at this time. Machine Gun Kelly’s managers have also not responded when asked about the situation.

Within the hour that the Programming Board members announced the cancellation multiple students responded with their displeasure of the member’s actions.

“I hate this school,” Ryan Smerick (@CaptianS-merika) tweeted.

Last Tuesday Student Government Association President Noam Berns announced that the replacement for the concert would be “I Hate College” rapper, Sammy Adams.

The “I Hate College” artist has not officially released his debut album yet, but can be heard on his numerous mixtapes and EPs rapping over many different genres.

Sammy Adams does bring the multiple genres of rap that Student Life Director Sherri Rea said was one of the factors to bringing Machine Gun Kelly here. Sam Adams can be heard rapping over more electronic beats compared to the hard core rock genre that Machine Gun Kelly flows over.

“I hope Sammy Adams is actually the replacement for (Machine Gun Kelly). I’d rather see him anyways,” Jordan Kitta (@iluvfatchix) said via twitter.