Bilinugal students are excelling in academics

Nathan Bottiger, Editor-in-Chief

Language barriers make Pitt-Johnstown classes difficult for international students.

That was the idea, but, this year, the English as a Second Language program aided all but one first-year international student to achieve good academic standing.

This semester, 17 new international students entered the program, and nine of these 17 achieved dean’s list honors.

One of these dean’s list students, freshman Sungju Park, said she was excited to have accomplished these honors during her first semester.

“It felt awesome,” she said.

Park said her classes this semester have been going well, too, and she has only one class that poses a problem in her comprehension due to language differences.

“I need extra time to learn and understand objects for my Intro to Psychology class than American students do, since it’s all about memorizing and understanding the words and concepts.”

Park said the English classes that she takes with other international students have been helping her learn techniques to help her assimilate to a collegiate style of learning.

“We have been learning how to write different kinds of essays for college,” she said. “It has been beneficial.”

Park said her main goal is to stay focused on keeping her grades up. She said, after making dean’s list, she thought she needed to study harder and not get lazy with her grades.

The sole student of this group who was unsuccessful in maintaining a 2.0 grade-point average was placed on an academic probation program, escaping suspension.