Permanent information desk desired


Bri Aultz, Copy Editor

Two Pitt-Johnstown officials say they would like to see the Student Union’s temporary Information Desk become a more permanent fixture.

Student Life Director Sherri Rae said that for several years the campus had a permanent Information Desk.

Rae supervises the desk, and students working there are campus employees.

“We’ve seen a growing need to have some after-hours opportunities,” says Rae.

Rae said she would like to see progress on a more permanent desk, although there is no immediate plan for construction.

Currently, desk hours and location are being tested to make sure the timing and placement is appropriate.

The current regular hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

A previous Information Desk was along the wall beside Brioche Dorée.

Student Affairs Vice President Shawn Brooks also aspires to create a lasting Information Desk location.

“I do plan on installing a permanent desk. One of the reasons that I am bringing back the Information Desk is to provide students easier access to things like movie tickets, bus-trip tickets and general information.” Brooks said.

Brooks also mentioned the benefits of additional hours to students.

“Student organizations will also be able to pick up and drop off business forms that they currently get from Student Life.  Students should not be limited to using these services only when the Office of Student Life is open.

“I am looking forward to hearing from students about other ways to help improve the students’ experience as well.” Brooks said.

Junior Emily Michaels, working at the desk  last Wednesday said the busiest times for the Information Desk employees are Thursdays and Fridays, when they sell Richland Cinemas’ movie tickets for weekends.

Michaels anticipates February’s concert tickets sale also to be a busy time for Information Desk employees.