Commuters’ feet may increase Union traffic

Ashley Emanuel, Copy Editor

The Student Union is a place where many students gather to eat, to study and to go to events, but Pitt-Johnstown administrators still are looking for more ways to get students into the union.

One idea is a commuter lounge, according to Student Affairs Vice President Shawn Brooks.

Brooks said that he wants to make the Union more of a student hub.

“I am contemplating a lot of ideas about how to do that. One of those ideas is creating another space in the union where commuter students can gather and study between classes,” Brooks said.

He said, though, he is not yet at the planning stage of this because he is looking for student idea getting more students into te Union.

“I am really interested in getting a lot of input into all things Student Union-related,” he said.

Freshman Sadie Sprankle says that she thinks a commuter lounge would be a good idea.

“I think the lounge should have sofas and couches and blankets. I would use the lounge to rest if I have long breaks,” Sprankle said.

Junior Tori Sterner, however, says she’s indifferent to the idea.

“I think a lounge would be cool, but I don’t think a strictly commuter lounge is necessary because I feel segregating commuters and students that live here already happens enough,” Sterner said. “If one were to be put in, I might use it, but I rarely go down to the union.”