Senators not deterred by a parking rejection


Ashley Emanuel, Copy Editor

After many drafts and many hours, a student parking proposal was rejected. Finance and Administration Vice President Amy Buxbaum rejected it.

“The allocation of parking across campus is made in an effort to achieve a number of goals, including aligning parking with traffic patterns (and) meeting township requirements and recommendations,” Buxbaum said.

“Especially,” she said, “as related to parking for public events, facilitating snow-removal and facilitating enforcement of traffic regulations.”

Student Government Association president Noam Berns said, “I plan on discussing the proposal further with Vice President Buxbaum and hopefully find a middle ground where we can work out a solution to parking concerns.”

Berns said, however, he plans on further discussing parking issues with Buxbaum.

The Student Government members proposed that the Biddle parking lot, now limited to faculty and staff, be open to students.

Buxbaum said the reason that Biddle parking lot is to remain the same is because the Krebs faculty and staff parking lot is not big enough to accommodate the number of vehicles currently parking in the Biddle lot.

She also said that the Sports Center’s parking lot restrictions are needed to accommodate the number of public events, and that those events draw large crowds and require frequent parking lot closures.

“I will be doing additional research on the Wellness Center parking and freshman parking,” Berns said.

Student Government treasurer Allan Skoranski said that he wouldn’t necessarily call Buxbaum’s action a rejection.

“I would call it a work in progress,” he said. “The key is compromise. We are at a stage where we must compromise with administration, to benefit the students…while getting approval from the administration.”