Defibrillators to be added on campus

Eden Cohen, News Editor

Two more defibrillator units were delivered to the Pitt-Johnstown campus last Friday.

Vice President of Finance and Administration Amy Buxbaum said the university plans to continue adding units annually.

Buxbaum said one unit will be placed in the Student Union and the other is to be placed either in Krebs Hall or Blackington Hall.

“I am awaiting feedback on the better choice,” she said. “The goal is to prioritize (1) high-traffic areas, (2) areas that have populations with higher risks and (3) areas that are centrally located.”

Buxbaum said high-risk areas are considered places that might host public events, especially events that include a more elderly audience.

The university already has four stationary defibrillator units in the Living Learning Center, the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center and the Wellness and Sports Centers.

The Campus Police Department also manages two portable defibrillator units.

Buxbaum said it is important for students to remember to call campus police during a cardiac distress incident.

She said campus police will report to the scene, but the dispatcher will also have information on the closest defibrillator unit.

Buxbaum said the incident that occurred last semester involving James Langan of Owen Library contributed some motivation to the acquisition of more defibrillators, but the addition of these units was under review before the Langan incident.

“Our (Critical Incident Response Team) had reviewed improving (defibrillator) and CPR training for campus prior to the incident last year,” she said.

“Certainly, that incident is top of mind as we implement defibrillator expansion and has motivated us to move forward so quickly.”

Buxbaum said she hopes to continue to increase defibrillators awareness and assure their proper use through certification.

“All of us might find ourselves in a situation where our knowledge and training can help save a life.”