Network done; issues persist

Ashley Emanuel, Copy Editor

An email was sent to students Nov. 7 announcing the completion of the residential wireless Internet.

The email said that, since September, the wireless Internet has added or expanded coverage to the following buildings: the Living/Learning Center, Willow Hall and freshmen residence halls.

Those who received the email were to click on an attached link, which led to a letter from President Jem Spectar.

In the letter, Spectar formally announced the network completion and recognized those involved in getting the wireless Internet up and running.

However, some students are still reporting Internet problems.

“A lot of (the) time, it takes forever to connect, and, then, when I am connected I’m only partially connected,” junior commuter Tori Sterner j said.

“Sometimes, my computer can’t choose between eduroam or Pitt-wireless.”

Freshman Rebecca Smith said that, since Wi-Fi has been campuswide it has been slower and inconsistent.

Sophomore Gabriella Mickey said the Internet works only at certain times.

She said that it doesn’t reach every room, and that she still uses her Ethernet cord.

But, Mickey also said that wireless is decent most of the time.

At least one other student seems to be enjoying the benefits of campuswide Wi-Fi.

“I believe that the Wi-Fi system works magically, its power allows me to progress in my educational success throughout all locations on campus,” freshman Corey Root said.

Root also said it’s nice that he can use his laptop and phone anywhere on campus.

However students feel about Wi-Fi, there is no question now that the residential wireless initiative is now completed and Wi-Fi is now campuswide.