Emails sent out weekly

Ashley Emanuel, Copy Editor

An email was sent to students Oct. 10 informing them that, from now, on a weekly email will be sent provide information about upcoming events, according to Student Life  Director Sherri Rae.

Rae said an email is to be sent out to students every Monday. She said  the time of day will vary depending on the email system, but it is to be sent as early as possible.

“We want the emails to be a one-stop shop for students to know what is going on and be able to refer back to, instead of looking through multiple messages,” Rae said.

She added that, if anything time-sensitive or urgent comes up,  another email is to be sent out midweek.

Events in the email are to include all items from the main campus calendar, student affairs news, such as deadlines and events and student organization news, Rae said.

Junior Morgan Ferber said she likes the new system.

“As long as there isn’t too much information in one email,” she said.

Junior Kaitlyn Torquato agreed. She said she never read the previous emails; she would simply just delete them. She added that now she is more likely to read the email.

Freshman Corey Root, however, does not like the new system.  He said he doesn’t think  students will remember all the information, and he prefers it coming to him daily.

“I do believe we will still be informed, but we will not retain the information as solidly,” he said.

The first email was sent out Oct. 14 and they are to continue every Monday.