Officer pepper-sprayed outside Larkspur

Brandon Zeris, Editor-In-Chief

A Pitt-Johnstown police officer used pepper spray to break up a fight between two students around 2 a.m. Sept. 28 outside Larkspur Lodge, inadvertantly incapacitating another officer, police said.

A Homecoming party was being held at the lodge by Delta Chi fraternity brothers, according to House Manager Travis Schluep.

The party was cleared out after one student shoved another, Schluep said.

“Things were getting a little out of hand, so we told everyone to leave.”

Once outside, two other students, Christopher Glosy and James Scott started fighting.

“They just started screaming at each other,” Schluep said. “Campus Police were nearby, so we waved them down.”

Officers attempted to put an end to the fight, but Glosy and Scott resisted.

Schluep said that Glosy and Scott swung at the officers.

UPJ Police Chief Eric Zangaglia said an officer used pepper spray to subdue the two.

“One officer, in an attempt to make an arrest, used (pepper spray), and another officer was hit.

“It’s unfortunate. Sometimes officers get the same, if not more than the suspect,” Zangaglia said, adding that, in hectic situations, pepper spray can be difficult to aim.

Schluep said that it looked like one of the suspects hit the officer’s hand who was deploying the spray, causing it to hit the other officer.

Zangaglia said the investigation is ongoing.