Nursing building offers additional parking area

Nursing building offers additional parking area

Parking lot behind the Nursing and Health Sciences building. The lot is to bring some parking relief to students and administration members.

Amstrid Gomez, News Editor

Pitt-Johnstown community members may notice slight relief in parking paucity issues as the Nursing and Health Sciences Building opening is to add some additional spots, but only a few.

According to Student Government Association President Noam Berns, six spots of 15 total new spots are to be designated for faculty and staff members, and the remaining are to be open to anyone with a valid parking pass.

Berns said that one of the parking spots is to be designated for alternative fuel vehicles as part of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. Two of the spots are reserved for handicap parking.

At least one student said that it is fair to open the parking lot to anyone and not just nursing students.

Junior nursing student Rachel Carson said though it would be nice to have that area designated for nursing majors and commuters, it is more fair to open it up to anyone for short-term parking.

“Just because I have a different major, does not mean that I should be allowed to have closer parking. We don’t reserve parking spaces for English majors outside of Biddle,” she said.

She said there is no need for people to use the lot for long-term parking.

“I think it would be unfair for people to park their cars there for multiple day. There is no need for them to park there if that is the case,” she said.

This slight relief in parking comes as university officials are said to be working on a parking evaluation.

Though this brings a slight parking relief, other parking plans such as the basketball court tear down were cancelled last year.