Clubs applying for open office

Taylor Fowler, Features Editor

A vacant office space is being offered to student organizations.

The empty office formerly belonged to Student Life Director Sherri Rae, and is in room 163 in the Student Union upper level.

Organization leaders interested in the office space were to send letters of recommendation to Student Government Campus Relations Chairperson Mike Imgrund.

“We don’t choose who gets it,” said Imgrund.

Student Government Association members, including Imgrund, are to give their recommendation for which organization they believe should receive the office based on the organization’s need and size.

The association’s recommendation is to be made to Student Affairs Vice President Shawn Brooks. Brooks is to make the decision of which organization receives the office.

Four organization headers have applied for the office: College Democrats, Circle K, Habitat for Humanity and Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity.

College Democrats President Mark Stephens said his organization is active on campus, and has roughly 26 members.

“We would use it for storage of materials for events and fundraisers,” said Stephens. He said it may also be used as a campaign office.

Circle K President Katie Leonard said she believes her organization should receive the office space because they had an office once before, but it was taken from them without notification.

The organization must now meet in available Biddle classrooms.

“We would use the office space to store all of our supplies, such as craft supplies,” said Leonard.

Habitat for Humanity is a service organization that helps build modern adequate housing for struggling communities.

Organization members applied for the office space, but did not comment on reasons why.

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed National Service Fraternity.

“If awarded the office space, (Alpha Phi Omega) will use this as its central location,” said Alpha Phi Omega President Stephen Torquato. “We will be able to store our membership records, service forms and other vital documentation for the organization.”

Torquato said it would also be used for members to access needed forms, plan projects and for members to post an events calendar.

Currently, the organization meets in Blackington 134, but must store their documentation in a small section of the Heather Lodge basement.

“This past year we nearly quadrupled our numbers,” said Torquato. “The organization went from approximately 20 members to more than 60.”

He said the office space would serve as a vital central location for the organization’s success.