Looser rules employed for alcohol and guests

Amstrid Gomez, News Editor

Pitt-Johnstown administrators have loosened alcohol rules for students who are 21 and older and eliminated a ban on overnight guests in university housing

Students over 21 no longer have to register alcohol with their resident assistants, according to Student Affairs Vice President Shawn Brooks. They also are allowed to purchase glass bottles of wine.

“I want people to feel like this is a good place to live. If there are (rules) that don’t make sense to me, I’ll question them,” Brooks said.

He said most students were not registering their alcohol and nothing was being done with the information of those who were registering, therefore the policy was not useful.

There have been no changes to the amount of alcohol students can possess, he said.

“I’m not in favor of expanding the amount of alcohol students can have.”

He said that students have asked for  no alcohol limit if they’re 21, but that is not going to happen.

He said most conduct cases are alcohol-related so, if students are choosing to drink it should be done responsibly.

“Alcohol abuse in colleges and universities nationwide is concerning. Students need to take responsibility for themselves they’re not here to party, they’re here for an education.”

Brooks said the UPJ alcohol rules mirrors the one used by most of the other Pitt campuses.

Another UPJ rule that has been changed is an overnight guest policy.

Housing and Residence Life Director ,Mark Dougherty, said this policy was changed due to a standard yearly review along with the understanding through the Student Government Association that there was a student desire to allow overnight guests.

Dougherty said the previous guest policy did not allow for any overnight guests of any fashion. The new policy allows for residents to register overnight guests.

“The number and frequency of guests is limited and the resident’s roommate must agree to the presence of the guest in the room overnight. Guests are registered through a resident assistant or resident director in each building and area.”

The new guest policy is included in the Living on Campus document, which can be found on the UPJ website.

According to the document, students may not have more than one overnight guest at a time. Guests may not stay longer than three consecutive days and a student may have only six extended guest nights per month.

The document also says students are allowed a total of 24 extended guest nights throughout a semester.

Dougherty said further clarifications are soon to be sent out via email, but they will not drastically alter the new policy.

Both changes are effective imediately.