Wi-Fi will arrive later

Eric Kieta, Copy Editor

Plans to complete making Pitt-Johnstown’s Internet system wireless may be delayed.

Student government president Cliff Maloney said he wouldn’t consider the Wi-Fi system at Pitt-Johnstown delayed because there weren’t specific dates to complete the system.

Maloney said student senators last year pressured Pitt-Johnstown administrators to incorporate Wi-Fi into more of the campus.

“We want to keep pushing administration into knowing that wireless is a standard,” he said, “try to get the university to raise the bar.”

He said part of the reason the wireless system hasn’t been put into full effect, is because of budget constraints.

“We’re hoping to have everything completed by next fall.”

He said the hope is to startwith Willow Hall and the Living and Learning Center. The next step after that is to be South Lodges and the College Park Apartments. Freshmen hall common areas are to also be included.

Maloney said he is working with Finance and Administration Vice President Amy Buxbaum to solve the problem.

Maloney said Buxbaum oversees the funds that the Information Technology Department would receive to install Wi-Fi systems.

“We have talked, and we are adding Wi-Fi to all the residential spaces we can,” said Buxbaum

She said the current Wi-Fi system controller is at capacity.

“Currently, we are awaiting the purchase of a new controller that we are expecting to have this summer,” she said.Completing the Wi-Fi system is to be done as staff and funding are available, she said.

Buxbaum said a target date for completing the system has not been set.“We will add (Wi-Fi) sequentially as we can.”

Pitt-Johnstown Information Systems Director Jeffrey Sernell said the Wi-Fi system is far more complicated than just hooking up a system in a household.

“At a house, there’s one access point, maybe two. Here we have 100,” said Sernell.“ We grew pretty fast.”

He said the Information Technology Department works with Pitt-Oakland administrators, who ultimately have the final say on making Pitt-Johnstown wireless.

“We work with folks in Pittsburgh who have other things to do.

“Part of it (the delay) is the direction we get from administrators.”

Wi-Fi already has been added to the townhouses and lodges, according to Sernell.