Allocation cut for many clubs

Andy Hsiao Chung, Copy Editor

Some Pitt-Johnstown organization officers said they were surprised April 1 to see they were allocated only a fraction of what they requested.

Role-Playing Game club president Stefan Giconi was among the disappointed members. His club received only $200 out of the $2,000 the members requested.

Giconi said that, because the club received only a small portion of what was requested, it would be difficult to get necessary supplies.

“The supplies we currently use are books, miniatures, markers, battle mats,” said Giconi. “And they are nearly (all) owned by club members.

“Without (a) sufficient budget to buy new supplies … it becomes an issue of communication.

“Say we can’t get a hold of a member who has some necessary supplies for the game we’re trying to run. The game, then, has to be put on hold until we can get a hold of the member.”

Rowing Club members also took a budget hit, receiving 16 percent of what they requested. Former club president Lv Yi-Feng said that the club was planning to buy an eight-seat boat that was more accessible for beginners, but the purchase now seems unlikely with the budget.

No clubs took a bigger hit than the Math Club, however. Club president Corey Rook said the fact that the club was not allocated any money would not be as devastating as some may think.

“We allocate for an annual trip to the (Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conference) each year, and that is where a majority of the money goes,” said Rook.

“To recover from this, I plan to implement a few more fundraisers as well as bring back club dues. Our fundraisers have been extremely successful in the past and I know Math Club will be okay.”