A ceiling collapsing suggests fixup need

Taylor Fowler, Features Editor

Kappa Delta Rho brother Brandon Dargay was startled awake at 7:50 a.m. March 31 by metal and insulation falling on him. The bedroom ceiling had collapsed over his bed.

“I was sleeping, and I heard a noise,” he said. “Then, next thing I knew, everything hit me.”

Dargay said after coming to his senses, he put on his glasses and noticed insulation, metal and ceiling tile hanging from the ceiling.

He lives in the South Lodges Sunset Lodge ,one of the older campus residences , and has not been renovated for years, according to Dargay.

“We’ve had the house for 30 years. We don’t want to move,” said Dargay. “This (incident) adds another reason to why we should renovate.”

Kappa Delta Rho Brother Caleb Chiapetta said other lodges have been renovated, but the fraternity members have received excuses as to why their lodge cannot be.

“After this, I can’t find a better reason to renovate (Sunset Lodge)” said Chiapetta. “We’ve tried so hard over the past four years to try and get renovated, and they pretty much ignore us.”

The fallen ceiling was reported to the Housing and Residence Life Office, and Housing Director Mark Dougherty went to the house to make sure it was safe.

Dougherty offered Dargay a place to stay if the debris could not be cleaned up quickly enough, but he did not tell the fraternity members anything related to renovation, according to Chiapetta.

“We are aware that this happened,” said Dougherty. “No decisions have been made for sure, but this is another piece of information to help us decide.”