Students plead to retake

Andy Hsiao Chung, News Editor

The Student Government Association members have drafted a plea for Pitt-Johnstown administrators to allow students to retake classes in which they have received a grade of C or above.

The issue was first brought up in a student government meeting in February and were widely discussed by student leaders.

According to student government Vice-President Christian Woo, Josh Beck, the Student Policies Committee Chairperson, reported in a Feb. 25 student government meeting that he had found a clause in the University of Pittsburgh handbook that stated students were allowed to retake classes despite receiving a C or above grade.

“As of right now, I’ve proposed (the plea) to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs Janet Grady,” said Woo, “and we now have the evidence to support it.”

Woo also said that they had only looked at Pitt-Oakland’s rules regarding this issue, and not of other satellite campuses.

And Woo supports Pitt-Johnstown to follow Pitt-Oakland’s rule to allow students to retake classes and that it would benefit students.

“Say, if you have received a C in class,” said Woo. “Prior to, you wouldn’t be able to (retake classes). But now you could, and possibly get an A or B, and increase your GPA.

“I think consequently it will make you more competitive when applying to graduate schools and a job. I think that is a great reason right there.”

According to student government president Cliff Maloney, he had had an initial meeting with Grady, in which she requested supplemental research of Oakland’s policy, and was presented it.

She is reviewing the information.