Officials seek to fill position

Andy Hsiao Chung, News Editor

For the past two weeks, university officials held three interviews — each with one candidate — for the Vice President of Student Affairs position.

The three candidates, James Parker, Bryan Valentine and Shawn Brooks were openly interviewed in Q-and-A sessions by attendees.

All students were invited to attend and engage in the interviewing process.

According to emails sent out by university officials, the Vice President of Student Affairs position is a senior management position, who directly reports to the university President and is “responsible for planning, developing, coordinating, and reviewing all student affairs.”

The position was formerly held by Jonathan Wescott, whose resignation became effective this semester. He held the position for almost five years.

Student government Vice-President Christian Woo said many student leaders were present at the interviews and were encouraged to go by student president Cliff Maloney.

Woo said he felt it was necessary to attend as well because they were elected student leaders.

“I thought the interviews went really well. Every candidate had something new to offer , especiallly ideas and opinions,” said Woo, who attended the interviews.

Woo said he also felt university officials had done a great and effectual job by encouraging students to attend the interviews because adminstrators directly allowed students to be part of the hiring process.

According to an email sent out by International Services Director Jennifer Kist to international students, administrators hope to fill the position within the next two to three weeks.