Evaluation to assess quality of Jem

Eric Kieta, Staff Writer

Pitt-Johnstown faculty were asked to assess president Jem Spectar, in afaculty evaluation survey that ended Feb. 21 according to Pitt-Oakland Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Resources Management David DeJong.

DeJong said the evaluation, which takes place every five years, is meant to obtain faculty input on topics such as leadership ability, maintenance of effective working relationships and communication skills.

“This is a routine activity that happens on a fixed cycle for all of our administrators,” said DeJong. “(It’s) part of a system we have for a bottom-up feedback mechanism.”

All administrators are subject to some sort of evaluation when their time comes, even down to department chairmen, said DeJong.

The provost is solely responsible for administering the evaluations.

According to DeJong, a notice of the evaluation was sent to faculty Jan. 24. The survey was available for completion Jan. 31 and ended Feb. 21. Feedback from the evaluation is not yet available. DeJong said the Provost Office does not look at the information until participants have submitted.

“In the case of any administrator, responses are evaluated by the provost and discussed in general terms with the administrator (maintaining  responder’s anonymity),” said DeJong. This is to protect participants from being judged by the feedback they submitted.

Spectar was not unable to be reached for comments.

Natural Sciences Chair Steven Stern was also recently evaluated during the fall semester, according to DeJong.