Woo chosen as new VP


Former Parliamentarian Christian Woo was voted into the student government as vice-president Feb. 18 after Marcus McGuire, who formerly held the position, resigned.

Andy Hsiao Chung, News Editor

Student government Vice President Marcus McGuire resigned Feb. 18. Though he was not present at Monday’s student government meeting, his resignation letter was read by President Cliff Maloney and approved by student government members.

“My time in student government has been a great learning experience,” the letter said.

McGuire also said that he no longer felt the drive and determination to continue his duty, therefore resigning.

“…It’s not fair to the student body, if I wasn’t 100 percent.”

In the letter McGuire also nominated student Parliamentarian Christian Woo to replace his position, as it is, according to McGuire, a procedure that nominations be heard from the floor within a student government meeting.

“I just feel Christian (Woo) will do a better job,” said McGuire.

“With full confidence I believe Parliamentarian Woo can take over in a seamless manner, continuing the direction Cliff (Maloney)  and I have set.”

Woo, who was elected to replace McGuire during the Feb. 18 meeting, said he and McGuire had talked about his nomination, but was not aware until the day of.

Student Affairs and Campus Development Chair Stephen Torquato was elected as the Parliamentarian while his Senator Represenative position was replaced by Noam Berns.

Woo’s other former position as Student Policies Committee Chairperson was replaced by Josh Beck.