Info lack strands some


The parking lot near Krebs Hall was supposed to close for less than 24 hours on Feb. 4, but remains closed as of Feb. 17,

Andy Hsiao Chung, News Editor

Student leaders are calling for the university to better inform students about parking lot closures.

A parking lot near Krebs Hall, according to a Feb. 1 campus email, was supposed to close for less than 24 hours for utility pole installations.

The email was sent two days before the closure.

However, the parking lot remains closed and students are left perplexed, wondering why the university had not informed them  the prolonged shutdown.

There are also reports of students who parked in the lot when the barriers were supposedly absent, only to find the lot blocked again after they returned with their cars inside the blockade.

Student Government Assocation President Cliff Maloney said the student government is calling university officials to adapt for better methods of informing students of parking lot closures.

“A few more days earlier would be nice,” he said.

Student Affairs and Campus Development Chair Stephen Torquato said   an improved notification method is an addition to his initial campus safety initiative, which involves the installation of more lights.