Film choices welcomed

Andy Hsiao Chung, News Editor

Students who would like to see a film on the campus movie channel can now send in a request to a number of windows.

During a Student Government Association meeting last semester, President Cliff Maloney said that any requests could be sent to his emal address.

However, some students may feel intimidated contacting the student government president for a simple movie request.

“The movie channel is run by the Office of Housing and Residence Life,” Maloney said. “They reach out to us for movie suggestions each time they make the schedule.

“The task has been delegated to the (student government) Recreation and Publicity committee. Any requests I receive, I forward to them.

“The students have full decision on the movies being placed on the channel.”

The movie channel is run by Residence Life Cinema, a campus movie channel company based in St. Louis.

Recreation and Publicity committee Chairwoman Star Cherry said that every student can see what movies are available by visiting the Residence Life Cinema website and can email possible suggestions at [email protected]

Housing and Residence Life Director Mark Dougherty was not available to comment on alternative methods for students suggesting movies.

At least some students, however, are not as informed about the request procedures as the student government officials would like.

Pitt-Johnstown junior Maximillian Bondi said he sometimes watches the movie channel, but didn’t know that students could suggest movies.

“Maybe I’ll try it out,” he said.