Chinese mark new year

Andy Hsiao Chung, News Editor

The Pitt-Johnstown Chinese Student Association is to be a part of a two nights Chinese New Year celebrations: at UPJ and another at Pitt-Oakland.

UPJ Association President Tom Cao said that he initially contacted Pitt-Oakland’s President, and expressed his interest in a joint celebration.

“(UPJ associationmembers) will contribute two performances for (Pitt-Oakland’s event),” said Cao. “We have one approved so far, and are waiting on another.”

However, not all of UPJ’s members will get to attend Pitt-Oakland’s much larger celebration.

“Only people who will be performing will get to go,” said Cao. “But those who have a car will be welcomed to attend.

“Not to mention that we will also be hosting our own Chinese New Year’s event a day after Pitt-Oakland’s, here on campus, and everyone is welcomed.”

Cao also said that he is still looking for locations for the event that is set to begin Feb. 9, but most likely it will be the Cambria Room for now.