Windows 8 undergoing compatibility testings

Luis Torres, Copy Editor

Campus distribution of a newly released Windows operating system is delayed until compatibility with current systems is ensured, stated a Nov. 5 announcement on Pitt-Oakland’s Information Technology website.

Windows 8, released Oct. 26, promises to deliver a more interactive and intuitive platform, though Information Technology workers have not yet ensured compatibility with current systems.

“As with any new operating system release, some software applications or services may not install or work correctly with Windows 8 until new versions of those packages become available,” said the Nov. 5 announcement.

Pitt-Oakland Computer Services and System Development workers are working to determine Windows 8’s compatibility with university programs, including software, enterprise services and enterprise systems, said the announcement.

UPJ Technology Services Coordinator Ralph Miller said the process could take up to 18 months, and added that all testing was being carried out by Pitt-Oakland’s information techonology department employees.

“The software will be distributed through Pitt’s Software Distribution Services program once everything is cleared,” he said.

The announcement recommended that students, faculty and staff delay upgrading or installing Windows 8 until compatibility concerns are cleared.

UPJ Information Technology Vice President Jeffrey Sernell said it would be a while before UPJ’s information technology workers distribute Windows 8 on campus.