Parkers move not welcomed

Andy Hsiao Chung, News Editor

An increasing number of Pitt-Johnstown students are parking in Penn Highland’s parking lots, Campus Police Chief Eric Zangaglia said.

“Administrators (from Penn Highlands) called and said they have seen (the number of UPJ students parking) increasing.”

Zangaglia said Penn Highland administrators have seen more cars, and assumed it could only be UPJ students.

They may have also observed some who, after they parked their car, walked in the direction of UPJ’s campus.

“They have requested that Pitt-Johnstown students discontinue the use of these lots,” said Zangaglia in a university’s email to students.

“These lots are intended for their students, faculty, staff and guests only. They (Penn Highlands officials) further advised that, if this practice continues, the vehicles will be removed at the owner’s expense.

Zangaglia said he is unaware whether there has been any occurrences, in which Penn Highlands students parked in UPJ lots.

But if it does happen, Zangaglia said the owners would be contacted, ticketed and, perhaps, towed.