High internet traffic frustrating students

Luis Torres, Copy Editor

Many undergrads may argue that UPJ’s Internet network is sluggish and sometimes presents a challenge to daily happiness but, Technology Services Coordinator Ralph Miller says the network is below capacity.

The network usually allows for smooth browsing, but peak hours may slow down connections, halting buffering videos, frustrating students and evoking sudden bursts of anger.

Freshman business major Dan Greene said he thinks UPJ’s Internet speed is slow, and said he browses the Internet mostly at night.

“Usually from 9 p.m.to midnight.”

Gloria Yuan, a first-year international student, said she, too, uses her connection at night since she is usually occupied during the day.

College Park resident Tom Kang, however, takes a different approach by browsing the Web when traffic is light. “I often surf (the Internet) in the morning, so it’s faster,” he said.

Greene and Yuan’s Internet habits may reflect those of a student majority, according to Miller.

“The busiest time of the network usually is from late afternoon into the late evening hours,” he said. “(Internet usage) on weekends tends to drop off, because… people go home.

“We’re still way below the [network’s] capacity. There’s room for growth.”

Miller said that technology service workers try to provide a fast and reliable internet connection for the student body.

“We monitor how fast the network is, how many people are using it and, when we see… it get to a point when it [reaches] capacity, we talk with the main campus to see what we can do to increase capacity.

“Bandwidth use is always increasing because you have more people. (This ) generation is so… ‘media-rich’ and it puts greater demands on the network.

“We do what we can within the limitations of the technology that’s there. Sometimes we can’t keep up with you guys fast enough.”