Global high-fives arrive

Vivian Chen Liyi, Staff Writer

With the spring 2013 classes’ schedule posted online Oct 12, many students started to consider their class choices. Global-learning courses, one way to earn points to win global scholar awards, may part of student’s consideration.

By next April, according to UPJ Academic Affairs Assistant Vice President Paul Douglas Newman, 18 students (three from each academic division) are to graduate with global scholar or global student awards.

Newman said the award contributed to a variety of successful career paths.

“It looks very good on a resume, especially for students who are using their majors in a global fashion,” Newman said. “Whether they’re business students who are looking to do international banking, or an engineer, who is looking to do projects that go outside the United States.”

According to Newman, each academic division will recognize the top three students who have the most with most points. One of the top three students is to be honored as global scholar, and the other two as global students.

Each division is to have a committee to decide which one of those three deserves the top honor. Point quality, such as the different positions participating in certain organizations is to be considered.

Newman also said the top 25 percent of point earners will receive a Certificate of Global Achievement upon graduation.

Students can earn points by taking global learning courses, attend or give presentations at designated campus events and participating in or leading student co-curricular organizations designated as global organizations.

Newman said while students did not have to report their classes, they were encouraged to self-report their activities with clubs or any events they have attended.

“Beginning this year, we are going to keep track of the points,” said Newman.

Ashley Fallon, UPJ Global International RealWorld Interest Group student liaison, said the RealWorld points tracking system is easier for students this semester.

Fallon said, last year, students might not have received points for attending some group activities, but, this semester, a scanner is to be taken to meetings, and students can get RealWorld Program points by swiping their ID cards.

Students can also earn points through study-abroad programs, with 20 points per credit compared to campus global-learning courses, which are eligible for 10 points per credit.

UPJ Study Abroad Program Specialist Judith Freedman said the three requirements for students to study abroad are: be at least a sophomore, have no egregious sanctions and a GPA of 2.75 or higher.

“Students have many opportunities to go around the world and, many programs offer courses in English,” said Freedman. “Students can go everywhere; they can go to South America, Central America, Europe, Asia — many destinations around the world.”

“A lot of them are going to do internships now,” said Freedman. “Some students take language courses, but proficiency in a specific language (for the country) is not a requirement to study abroad.”

Newman said the award’s goals are to encourage students appreciate and respect differences in cultures and institutional conditions and, to make reason- and fact-based comparisons across cultures and regions.

He said more information is to be updated soon via email.

“We will be sending out a list (courses listed labeled with global learning points) shortly via email to all students and advisors.” said Newman.

He also said the global events would come up irregularly. A speaker last month, Michael Walzer, was a designated global event. French Film Festival this month also is a global event as are geography activities next month.

“As things come up, (political science professor) Dr. Cook (Christopher Cook) will email these opportunities to all students,” said Newman.