Parking meters run out of time

Parking meters run out of time

The 16 parking meters along Student Union Drive are to be removed next week, according to Student Government Association President Cliff Maloney.

Andy Hsiao Chung, News Editor

Student Government Association President Cliff Maloney and Pitt-Johnstown President Jem Spectar Tuesday agreed to remove a row of 16 parking meters along Student Union Drive.

Student government officials broke the news on a student-government Twitter page. However, as of Friday, university officials had not sent out an informant e-mail announcing the decision.

The decision, Maloney said, is part of a student government campus-improvement effort, in which each senator has assigned himself or herself an individual project.

“Small, big, whatever they see fit,” Maloney said.

The parking-meter- removal project was student government senator Kevin McDonald’s initiative.

“So (McDonald) put together a proposal, and one of my roles as student government president is that I get to meet with President Spectar. So I presented Mcdonald’s proposal to (Spectar), which asked for full removal of the parking meters,” Maloney said.

According to Maloney, the meeting and discussion took only 30 minutes, and concluded with Spectar’s approval.

McDonald’s effort was also to exempt fines given for overtime parking.

“We will still have 10 spots marked as two-hours-maximum parking,” Maloney said, “but it’s on an honor code. So, what that really means is there won’t be meter ticketing.

“The two hours is for people who have parking passes; either student, staff or visitors. Since students are already paying for parking passes, they shouldn’t have to pay to park in a few random spots,” said Maloney.

The new policy came in effect immediately.  As for the meters’ physical removal, Maloney said he hopes to, see it done by the end of next week.

Students may have more changes to look forward to as student senators continue their pursue of individual initiatives.

“Senator Gatumi Aliyu is looking for a multi-purpose field on the campus,” said Maloney. “We are looking at a weekend shuttle to restaurants, maybe just in Richland Township, and also some to the entertainment venues.”

Maloney said he is confident that individual initiatives are more efficient.

“I think these initiatives are working because,  when you put someone’s name beside something, there’s a bit more of a drive to get it done, instead of just the executive board doing everything,” he said.

McDonald said his goal was to have the parking meters removed by Christmas, which puts them ahead of schedule.

“I felt like this was a big deal and  a complaint from the students, and I wanted to head this initiative to get these taken care of.

“I hope this goes to show the students that when they speak up we will do what wecan to get their voice heard. I would like to publically thank all of my fellow Senators as well, along with President Maloney for his help.”