Labcoats to congregate

Olivia Hutchinson, Editor-in-Chief

With the nursing building’s looming construction, there are plans for certain labs in Krebs to be moved there.

Natural Science Division Chairman Steven Stern said all biology and chemistry labs will be moved to the new nursing building.

“Right now, the Introduction to Biology and Chemistry classes take place in the labs in Krebs while most of the upper level courses are in the Engineering and Science building so professors have to go back and forth.

“These labs will be better for the departments and students because it will bring everyone together in same building,” said Stern.

Stern said that, along with State-of-Art labs, new offices for the departments are to be placed in the nursing building, which will bring the faculty together.

Clinical associate professor Bruce Colbert said it will be better for the offices to be closer to the labs.

“The change in lab locations will bring everyone together in one complex, which will be nice for the students to find professors instead of having everyone spread throughout,” said Colbert.

Colbert said the anatomy and physiology labs will be going to the nursing building, too.

Physics professor Allan Walstad said the changing of the labs may give more space to the physics department.

“It may open up space in the first-floor wing of Krebs, across from our labs and offices, which we might make some use of,” said Walstad. “My impression is the moves will consolidate the chemistry and biology labs closer to the rest of those departments.

“This is assuming the new building is, in fact, completed, outfitted properly and there are funds to maintain the new facilities.”

Stern said he doesn’t believe a final decision has been made for what will happen to the vacated Krebs labs.