UPJ better connected?

UPJ better connected?

A UPJ student in Biddle Hall attempts to connect to the wireless Internet

Luis Torres, Copy Editor

This semester’s Internet-connection issues are fewer compared to previous years, said Technology Services Coordinator Ralph Miller.

“We made some changes over the summer,” he said, referring to a new network authentication system, which expedites and facilitates a student’s first connection to UPJ’s internet network.

According to Miller, this modification, along with continual network monitoring and upgrades, have improved UPJ’s Internet reliability.

Most Internet-connection issues on campus are due to Internet security programs, misconfiguration issues or students not following instructions, said Miller.

“A common type of problem is … Internet security programs (loaded on personal computers), which are designed for home and they don’t work well in this environment, so we actually have to remove those programs to get the computer to authenticate working on our network.

“When you get to an enterprise environment like UPJ’s, (Internet security programs) don’t work well. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just the way these programs work.”