Low demand keeps Buckhorn vacant

Andy Hsiao Chung, News Editor

Across from Hemlock Hall and the Physical Plant building, Buckhorn Lodge has seen better days.

The former wrestling house – a denomination coined by wrestlers –was a place for frequent gatherings for carousing, but also a wrestling brotherhood.

However, it has been, and is to remain, vacant this school year.

There have been speculations suggesting the lodge is undergoing a renovation, but Housing Director Mark Dougherty said it was for cost saving that the lot was left unoccupied, not for a renovation.

“The reason it is closed is related to the low occupancy we have this year,” said Dougherty.

“So we decided to not use the Buckhorn facility to save a little bit on energy cost, housekeeping cost… it was more of a financial decision, rather than a renovation.”

Buckhorn is the only housing facility closed this school year.

“(Buckhorn) is one of our more aged facilities, and it is on our long-term plan to renovate it at some point, but we don’t have a specific date for the renovation.”

Aside from Buckhorn, Doughetry said there are other housing options that haven’t been renovated in a while that include both South lodges, Sunset Lodge and most townhouses.

With Hawthorn Lodge being renovated and, Doughetry said he wants to see it finished soon.

A specific plan for other renovations hasn’t been drafted yet, according to Doughetry.

“But they are next,” he said.