Web fix likely

Trevor Monk, Advertising Director

The Pitt-Johnstown website is to receive a state-of-the-art redesign, along with a new webmaster.

The outdated campus webpage is to have the first major modification since 2008 and the new website is to be launched on the first day of the fall 2013 semester.

Student Government President Cliff Maloney Jr. said the goal to renovate Pitt-Johnstown’s home page was a major priority with the student government last year.

“We were pushing for the website to be renovated last school year, but we were unable to make any progress because, at the end of last year, the webmaster position was not filled, but, at the beginning of this year, the position for a new webmaster has been open and we have begun a national search for a webmaster.”

Student Government President Pro Tempore Gatumi Aliyu is representing student government is on a committee to oversee a webmaster search and website overhaul.

Aliyu said the committee members are looking for a new webmaster who is readily available, easily accessible and constantly keeping the website up to date.

“We have had a good number of applicants for the job and have narrowed it down to several people who applied for the position and were asked to come for interviews. The interviews will be happening next week.”

Maloney said a webmaster will renovate the website, with a goal to keep uniformity throughout the site and bring the site up to par with other universities. The new webmaster also will make it easier to broadcast information because there will be the single site for Pitt-Johnstown faculty, staff and clubs to post information.

The website currently uses a content management system that gives departments, divisions offices and every support office – totaling over 100 people, the ability to update information pertaining to individual departments.

This allows faculty and staff to choose where the information goes in the subdivisions found at the top of the website.