Jem Spectar apologizes

Andy Hsiao Chung, News Editor

University president Jem Spectar apologized last Wednesday at a Faculty Senate meeting for the university’s failure to notify the community, Sept.13 that there had been a shooting incident nearby at the Richland Municipal Building.

“We made an error,” said Spectar, “We should have made people aware.”

The university’s Critical Incident Response Team advises him whether “we shut down or not,” and he said that he was immediately made aware there was no threat, but he should have passed that information along to avoid panic, especially with Schoolhouse Road closed.

Spectar said he takes full responsibility for a decision to not inform the community of the reason for the road closing – the shooting incident.

The university’s email, titled “Road Closure,” mentioned only that Schoolhouse Road was closed temporarily; “I take responsibility for that call,” Sepctar said. “It wasn’t handled right and I apologize for that.”