Internship chances assured at Oakland by graduation time

Andy Hsiao Chung, News Editor

Pitt-Oakland officials announced Aug. 27 that the university is to guarantee all students opportunities to prepare for internship experience before they graduate.

The press release issued by the university however, emphasized that the program applies only to the Oakland campus.

“Starting this fall, any registered Pitt undergraduate on the Pittsburgh campus is eligible to participate in the Internship Preparation Program, which is the first step in a student obtaining an internship placement,” the press release said.

The program is set to include six sessions, and each session focuses on a different matter in preparation for an internship.

The first sessions help students with resume formatting and content, resume review and internship focus. Others sessions include preparation for an internship interview, networking skills and internship searching. Lastly, succeeding in an internship.

Students may wonder whether UPJ would offer similar programs.

Pitt-Johnstown Career Services Director Bernard Sarneso said that Pitt-Johnstown Career Services offers all services mentioned in Oakland’s program.

“What is encouraging about (their) program, however, is the guarantee.”

Sarneso said that it shouldn’t be difficult to get an internship if students are willing to invest their time and are motivated to work with Career Services.

Sarneso also said he liked Oakland’s program because it is well laid out, and exhibited steps clearly.