Law finds a new home

Law finds a new home

Pitt-Johnstown’s Campus Police made the move from Biddle Hall to lower Physical Plant due to plans to move administrative offices out of Biddle Hall.

Trevor Monk, Advertising Director

Campus Police have vacated their old office space in Biddle Hall, relocating to a new office in an eight-room Physical Plant building addition.

Police held an open house Aug. 30 to show off their new space. The new police office is along Highfield Avenue near the North Lodges.

Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Paul Newman said the police station’s relocation was due to a multiphase plan to move campus administrative offices out of Biddle Hall and into Blackington Hall and other buildings.

“The Campus Police office was the last administrative office to move out of Biddle Hall.”

Newman said the old office space would be renovated and used as academic space.

“The new campus police office is more usable for the day- to- day operation of the Campus Police”

Police Chief Eric Zangaglia said the new office is similar to the old office and will pose only a slight inconvenience for students paying parking tickets and picking up parking passes.

Zangaglia said Campus Police officers are still within the same proximity to the residential buildings as before and are going to be able to respond to calls in the same timely manner.

Students who would request a police escort from the academicbuildings after night classes are still able to request police escorts, but it will not be as convenient as just walking to the office.

Residential Safety Association organizer Todd Shaffer said resident safety associates travel in groups, and will still make rounds on campus every night along with campus police.

The Residential Safety Association has been active on campus since 2009. Their primary job is to observe the campus and provide information if any situations arise.

Residential Safety Association rounds include all academic and residential buildings.

Shaffer said students should use the safety associates’ program or contact campus police if they feel uneasy walking the campus in the evening.

Zangaglia said he wanted to assure students that the Campus Police are still as prominent on campus as before.

“The new office is not as centrally located, but campus police are still here 24/7, 365.”